• Born in 1983, Pisces. YOSHIROTTEN is an artist who moves between multiple realms, such as fine art and commercial art, digital and physical, urban youth culture and the natural world.
    After solo exhibitions in Tokyo, London, and Berlin, YOSHIROTTEN held a large-scale exhibition "FUTURE NATURE" at TOLOT heuristic SHINONOME in 2018.
    Under the theme of "visualization of invisibles", he presented a huge installation combining two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and video works in a space of 1,300 square meters. Since then, YOSHIROTTEN has been active internationally: he participated in the Tokyo Pop Underground exhibition at Jeffrey Deitch in New York, and his "Resolution" series, which reconstructs photographs by Daido Moriyama and Wing Shya, was exhibited at Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo, and then in Guangdong, China, and Hong Kong.
    In 2021, YOSHIROTTEN began working on the "SUN" series, which consists of 365 digital images depicting the silver sun in a variety of media, including installations, aluminum prints, NFT, vinyl records, and books.
    He is also an art director with a wide range of clients from European and American luxury fashion brands, domestic and international musicians, Tokyo underground clubs to contemporary art fairs.
    With his own design studio YAR, he handles a vast amount of work in almost all areas of commercial visual arts, including advertising, events, logotypes, interior/exterior design, web, and video.
    Two collections of his works, "GASBOOK28 YOSHIROTTEN" and "GASBOOK33 YOSHIROTTEN" were published from GASBOOK.
  • 1983年生まれ魚座。ファインアートと商業美術、デジタルと身体性、都市のユースカルチャーと自然世界など、複数の領域を往来するアーティストです。
    東京、ロンドン、ベルリンでの個展を経て、2018年TOLOT heuristic SHINONOMEにて大規模展覧会「FUTURE NATURE」を開催。
    その後も、ニューヨークのJeffrey Deitchで開催されたTokyo Pop Underground展への参加、また森山大道やウィン・シャの写真を再構築する「Resolution」シリーズは新宿伊勢丹を皮切りに中国・広東省と香港での展示に発展するなど国際的かつ精力的に活動しています。
    2021 年には「SUN」シリーズの制作を開始し、同シリーズは、銀色の太陽を描いた365枚のデジタル・イメージを軸にインスタレーション、アル ミニウム・プリント、NFT、バイナル・レコード、書籍など様々な媒体で構成されます。
    代表を務めるデザイン・スタジオ「YAR」では、広告・イベント・ロゴタイプ・内装 / 外装デザイン、ウェブ・映像など、商業に於いて、視覚芸術が関わるほぼ全ての範囲で、膨大な量の仕事を手掛けています。